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This is a website made by me, Ryan Mulligan, a front-end builder of the web and fellow passenger through space and time.

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The bit about myself

I'm a front-end engineer and creative developer with over a decade of experience building for the web. I've established an extensive, versatile skillset servicing both product and marketing teams. My back catalog of roles range from individual contribution to management, team building, and leadership.

I perpetually advocate for modern web standards, embrace the web platform, and believe in the rule of least power—use the simplest language to do the job well, then scale as it becomes necessary. My priorities are influenced by empathy: lift up those around me so we may succeed together, always care for the end user, and deliver a performant, inclusive, and accessible web.

Currently, I build for the web with a lovely team at Netlify. When I'm not coding, you can catch me noodling on my acoustic guitar or blasting out rhythms if there's a drum kit ready for a lefty nearby.

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