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Ryan Mulligan

Your friendly front-end interface and experience engineer

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A bit about me

I'm a fun-loving front-end engineer that strives to bridge the gap between web design and develop­ment, building user experiences with positive interactivity through thoughtful interfaces. I advocate for modern best practices on the web and love working with diverse, inclusive teams. Currently, I build for the web with a lovely team at Netlify.

When I'm not coding, you can catch me noodling on my acoustic guitar or blasting out rhythms if there's a drum kit ready for a lefty nearby.

Want to know more? Say hello anytime! 👋

Blog posts

My own random thoughts, code snippets, and other web-related stuff I'd like to share out there. Still in the process of writing content but I have a few in the cooker!

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Creative projects

A few things I enjoy