Migrating to Eleventy

Posted on November 8, 2021
Takes about 2 minutes to read

Hello, world!

The time has come. I've finally decided to explore the wonderful world of 11ty!

The migration process for my personal website was dead simple. Not that moving a tiny one-pager over to a static site generator is really a big deal, but getting started was just so easy. Build An Eleventy (11ty) Site From Scratch by Stephanie Eckles was an incredible introduction to helping me understand the basics.

Why choose Eleventy?

Most of my curiosity around 11ty stems from the amount of positive feedback and love I see for this project around the web. It's decoupled from the rest of my tech stack and tooling. It works with multiple template engines (using markdown and nunjucks here). Spinning up dynamic pages from external data is no sweat. There are no client-side javascript dependencies. Instead of me going on about it, check out the 11ty Docs or amazing resources like 11ty.rocks and 11ty.recipes.

On top of all that, the community is made up of really stellar people that I admire. People that care about a performant and inclusive web. I'll always be sold on that.

What's next then?

This only marks the beginning of this website's evolution. It will probably be a slow burn. Which is fine. Getting set up on 11ty gives me the opportunity to spin up content quickly.

I have often wanted to write small articles around front-end techniques that have been helpful for me and share them with the community. It will also be nice to have a space where I can look up solutions I've since forgotten. I haven't been compelled to set up that space until now. The desire to mess around with 11ty gave me the push I needed.

Be on the lookout for small snippets and chunks of thoughts. Looking forward to sharing with you all and getting feedback on improvements or alternatives.

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