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Posted on December 22, 2023
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There are very rare occasions that I want <details> element disclosure widget-style funtionality but would like to have the <summary> element detached or live outside of it's related <details> container. This commonly stems from designs that may, for example, expect a toggle button to appear inline with other controls or content. Here's my attempt at a Web Component to handle that pattern.

The gist of this component is to enhance an HTML <button> with the ability to toggle an element's visibility anywhere on a page. Simply wrap a button element with this component and supply a target-id attribute that matches the id of any page element.

<script type="module" src="target-toggler.js"></script>

<target-toggler target-id="more-info">
  <button>Show more info</button>

<section>A special announcement</section>

<section id="more-info">
  <!-- some additional information -->

In the above example, a hidden attribute will be added to the targeted more-info element. Now the button toggle can control the visibility of that piece of content. Want that content to be visible by default? Add a target-visible attribute.

<target-toggler target-id="more-info" target-visible>
  <button>Show more info</button>

Be sure to check out the demo page for examples of this component in action.


Want to weigh in? Add a new issue to the repo and share your ideas! I highly value any community feedback on how to improve this implementation.

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